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Chakra Alignment

Gentle and soothing chakra healing can help clear out negative energy and blockages that may be affecting your body and spirit. I can help reopen the energy flow throughout your body and provide spiritual cleansing to help you heal.
Why is important for me to know about Chakras.
The Chakras are know as the Seven Main Centers connected to your emotions thoughts Energies and Psychical organs. A list of Symptoms when your Chakra Energies are not Balanced.Heart Chakra is our power station, connecting you to your emotions. It allows you to love and give love unconditionally.  Do you accept your self for who you are?. Do you have a hard time attracting love?.  Are your thoughts clouded so that you have a difficult time making decisions?Throat chakra is your communication Energy. It affects your communication.  Are you able to express your self clearly and effectively?.  Are you able to release yourself of old family values? Sacrum Chakra is your sensing connecting you to your feeling, sensitivities, happiness.  Are you emotionally stable or do your emotions go to one extreme to another?.  Do you try to hide or control your feelings?.  Can you think outside of the box or is your creative perception restricted?




Palm Reading

Of all divination practices, palm reading, also known as chiromancy or palmistry, is one of the most highly regarded. Though its precise origins remain unknown, it's believed that palmistry began in ancient India, spreading throughout the Eurasian landmass to China, Tibet, Persia, Egypt, and Greece. In fact, Aristotle detailed palm reading in his work De Historia Animalium (History of Animals) 2,500 years ago. It was his view that "Lines are not written into the human hand without reason."
Find out more about your past, present and future with a thorough palm reading. One session will answer several questions in multiple areas of your life.

Crystal Rock Reading
     The healing stone meanings have been gathered throughout the centuries, in many cases since ancient times. Some ancient textiles have been found to be colored using common crystals. Some stones were ground and painted on the skin for religious or shamanic ceremonies. You may become aware that having them in your vicinity or on your body. You may recognize their beauty and find their presence in your life is beneficial to you. The vibration of some stones is very strong, including most of the quartz varieties, and can be incredibly useful to have close to you.If you feel depressed, stressed or anxious, using one of the powerful lithium based stones is helpful to relieve stress.